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An Afternoon at Drybar


The Drybar in Birmingham is HERE and I couldn't be more excited! I was thrilled to be apart of the Grand Opening and first want to thank Drybar for having me.

I have been to multiple Drybar locations around the country in the past five years or so and when I lived in Chicago, I was at their location in Lincoln Park ALL THE TIME. Every location I have been to has been so welcoming. From the great lighting to the amazing staff, you will for sure leave happy and lookin' good.

The second I walked into the Drybar Birmingham I was in heaven. If you know me, I love everything white and bright with natural light and that is exactly the look and feel of every Drybar. The branding is something that I've always been impressed with. Like I said, everything is very white and bright, but there yellow accents really make the space come to life. And for all my fellow Instagramers, they make it VERY easy to get a good shot with all their gorgeous mirrors and backdrops, which is a MAJOR plus in my book.

I got the Mai Tai which is a subtle curl with a little bit of volume. As you have probably seen in almost all of my photos, I don't typically wear my hair curled. You'll always see me with pin-straight hair so that's why I love going to get my hair done because I can branch outside of my comfort zone a bit with the help of a professional. For those of you that don't know me personally, I have extremely thin/straight hair and it rarely ever holds a curl. Well let me tell you, Kelli at Drybar Birmingham got it to hold a curl! AND not only for that day, but when I slept on it and woke up IT WAS STILL CURLY! I was so impressed with Kelli's talent and not to mention she is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. We talked the whole time with the exception of looking up at our favorite scenes from How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days and taking sips of champagne.

All in all, it was a great experience and I have already been back twice since. I have a feeling I might be there best customer from now on....

Oh, and one more thing. The Triple Sec spray smells incredible. Like I want it in a candle, perfume, lotion, body wash and anything else they can make it out of. Tell them to use it at the end not only because you'll smell amazing for days, but it gives you a lot of great texture which my hair desperately needs.

If you live by a Drybar, go! You will love it, I promise.

xx, Paige