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Weekend Moments

- Dean and I have matching Linus bikes that we got for our wedding and we're obsessed.

- a gorgeous bouquet of peonies from my amazing MIL and FIL for my birthday.

- a birthday blowout from my favorite Drybar Birmingham.

- my absolute favorite cake from Love and Buttercream from my amazing husband. Vanilla with vanilla frosting ALWAYS.

- another cake from my birthday. My dad had Milk Bar flown in from NYC- did you know they deliver?! Now you know! The birthday cake truffles were my favorite.

- my favorite new hat for summer.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had the BEST weekend.

I am excited to announce a fun new series that I am starting today. I am going to compile all my #weekendmoments into one blog post every Monday.

This weekend was SO MUCH FUN! I first want to thank everyone that sent such sweet birthday messages to me and to my friends and family that came out to celebrate. I have to talk about my amazing hubby for a minute because he really went all out to make sure my birthday was the very best (thanks, babe). We started the birthday weekend at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Forest Grill. My husband and parents planned the most perfect birthday party and surprised me with all my favorite people there to celebrate with us. If you live in the Metro Detroit area you should go check it out and be sure to order the branzino for your entree. Seriously the best I've ever had! On Friday night we went over to my parents house for a yummy dinner and to celebrate with my sister who flew in from Grad School. Saturday night we had some more friends over to our house to celebrate. One of my absolute favorite things to do lately is host people at our new house so it was fun to just sit around with friends and talk. Yesterday, we just relaxed and got some stuff done around our house. Does anyone else that owns a home feel like there is a project every weekend (LOL). I kind of enjoy doing things around the house so it was fun for me! Then, my husband and I made dinner and talked about how he has been BEGGING me to go see Incredibles 2 with him for weeks now and I finally gave in and went with him after dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the movie HAHA. He was so happy that we went to the movie and that I liked it! We both love going to the movies and it was the perfect day to do that because it was rainy and cold.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend and I am so excited to kick-off this new week and 27th year of my life with lots of health, happiness and ALL OF YOU. Thank you again to everyone that came out to celebrate. Bring it on, 27! It's going to be a GREAT year!

I have lots of great content coming this week so be sure to keep checking back. Some fun topics will include: how to build your wardrobe on a budget, planning a trip, getting to know us Q&A, a day at the new Drybar and more!

xx, Paige