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My Summer Bucket List

dress | sunglasses | sandals | bag (old Zara, but love this one too)

We are just days away from the first day of summer, which also happens to be my BIRTHDAY! Does anyone else get really excited about birthdays or is it just me?! Summer is by far my favorite season for many different reasons, but I thought it would be fun to write out a summer bucket list because there are just too many things that I am dying to do this summer!

  1. Go berry picking

  2. Find a new farmers market to go to- doesn’t have to be close. Might be fun to take a day trip to a farmers market and pick up all the ingredients we need to make dinner for that night.

  3. Find a concert I want to see and go- I am not a huge concert fan, but I do love the idea of going to an outdoor concert venue.

  4. Try a new coffee shop in Detroit- so many cute spots downtown

  5. Buy a grill and have lots of grill nights on our patio with Dean- he is quite the grill master, but all we’re missing is the grill right now at our new house.

  6. Plan a trip (I am totally a planner and like to have things to look forward to).

  7. Fall asleep in the sun

  8. Eat LOTS and LOTS of watermelon- I’d love to find a good watermelon salad recipe and also a refreshing cocktail to make with watermelon- yum!

  9. Get a hammock and hang it somewhere

  10. Do a wine tasting of all summer white wines- I’m thinking Chardonnay

  11. Actually plan something fun for the 4th of July

  12. Make a summer playlist

  13. Read a NYT Best Seller

  14. Make our deck situation cute at the new house

  15. Host a housewarming party at our new house for all our family and friends

  16. Have a picnic in the park or just in our backyard

  17. Take a cooking class with my mom

  18. Learn how to make a good margarita- probably my favorite cocktail!

  19. Take my dog to a lake in Michigan

  20. Go visit my sister at school

  21. Take a couple weekend trips with Dean and Riley

  22. Pick a night to walk into town for dinner

  23. Make homemade ice cream

  24. Try a new workout class- SLT is coming to Detroit and I am SO excited

  25. Organize our new house and finalize some decorations

Are any of these things on your summer to-do list? Do any of them jump out at you?

Happy (almost) summer, friends!

xx, Paige