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PL's Guide to Maui

It's so crazy to me that this time last year we were planning not only our wedding, but our honeymoon! I remember just how excited Dean and I were to be planning Maui and we would constantly be sending each other ideas and activities to our work emails. Maui was by far my favorite vacation EVER. Everything about it was just perfect and I truly couldn't think of a better place to have honeymooned. Since we were there for just about two weeks we were able to see a lot and of course relax a ton! Dean and I are both the type that are totally content just sitting by the pool or beach with a good book in hand. However, we wanted to make sure that we took full advantage of the island and all it has to offer. Maui is the best of both worlds when it comes to activities and relaxation.

We watched sunsets, took advantage of the open-air gym, ate a lot of amazing food, tried their famous banana bread, zip-lined, took drives in our comfortable, lounged in cabanas for hours and read our books from the lounge chairs right next to the pool. Total Bliss! Check out my favorites from our trip below.

Where We Stayed

The Four Seasons Maui | Where do I even begin. I can't say enough good things about this hotel. From the rooms to the service to the food, everything was just incredible. The pool was probably the best pool I've ever been to and my favorite part was they would come around like every hour with something to snack on or a cold towel with essential oils. My favorite time of the day was when they brought the frozen grapes around. I would always have Dean go and get me more! Why are frozen grapes so addicting hah. After we would be at the pool all day, we would go up and get showered and changed and then our nightly tradition would be to go have a drink at the lobby bar before heading to dinner. The bar was amazing. The views and staff were just incredible. We actually made friends with two of the bartenders and when we had to leave to go home it was actually sad to say goodbye to them. We got to know each other so well and it was extremely fun getting to know Maui better through their eyes. Our favorite breakfast item at the buffet were the banana pancakes (literally the best EVER) and so the bartenders had mix waiting for us when we left so that we could bring it home. So thoughtful and we still miss them! Best hotel ever.

Where We Ate- Our Favorites

Spago and DUO Steak and Seafood | These were both restaurants at The Four Seasons which was so nice having amazing food right at our hotel. I would highly recommend getting the fresh fish at both of these restaurants because you're in HAWAII and there's nothing better than fresh fish, in my mind!

The Four Seasons Breakfast Buffet | Let's just say there's no reason to go anywhere else for breakfast. Period. Banana pancakes every single day. Calories don't count when your in Maui or on any vacation for that matter!

Morimoto Maui | OMG. Probably one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. Definitely on my top 5 list for sure. It's a must and the sunset was gorgeous from there as well.

Monkeypod Kitchen | I am not a huge pie person, but that changed the second I had dessert here. We ordered the fish and chips (SO GOOD) and then had to try a couple different slices of pie because everyone was raving about it. It didn't disappoint.

WOW WOW Lemonade | BEST LEMONADE AND ACAI BOWLS IN THE WORLD. Make sure to purchase the cute cups because Instagram (DUH) and it's a fun souvenir to bring home. I use mine all the time.


Paddleboarding | I knew I wanted to paddleboard the second we got there because the water was always SO calm, especially in the morning. I am so glad we tried it because the first time we went out, we saw a giant sea turtle! It was truly the coolest thing I've ever experienced because they would get so close to our boards. One even went right under Dean's board. You better believe that we were out there paddleboarding every day after that. Fun story, I texted my family a picture of the sea turtle and my dad said that they have always reminded him of his dad, my grandpa. He passed away about 6 years ago and whenever my dad sees a sea turtle he knows it's him. It's pretty neat because I think my grandpa was coming by to see Dean and I after getting married and after seeing that one the very first day, we saw him every day up until we left. So cool and special. It was amazing. I love turtles!

Zip-lining | I'm going to be honest, Dean planned this activity to surprise me and I was a little nervous and was pretty hesitant to go. I am SO glad we went because it was an amazing experience and the views were just gorgeous. I actually loved it and didn't want it to end. I will definitely be doing it again if I get the opportunity.

The Lavender Farm | On our way back from zip-lining we decided to stop at the lavender farm. My mom is a huge lavender lover so I knew I had to stop and pick her up some goodies to bring back with me. The view were incredible and it was so neat to see what they have made out of lavender. Everything from soap to scones. We picked up some goodies, walked around a bit and took lots of pictures of the view and then headed back.

Luau | This is a must if you are traveling to Maui. We had a blast immersing ourselves in the culture and watching one of the best shows on the island.

If you're heading to Maui soon or want to plan a trip for the future, I hope this info will be helpful to you! We had an absolute blast and have yet to stop talking about it. It was our favorite trip thus far and we really hope we get the privilege to go back someday.

xx, Paige