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Jacket (old, Burberry) | Jeans | Boots (LOVE these) | Bag | Earrings

I feel like it has been non-stop snowing for the last couple days and today we are FINALLY seeing some sunshine- HALLELUJAH! Although the snow has been pretty, I am so ready for Spring. Does anyone else in the Midwest feel like this has been the longest winter EVER?

I have been living in my Moncler puffer and Ugg boots, but today I decided that enough is enough and threw on a pair of my favorite Rag and Bone boots.

This past weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day a little early and had a fancy dinner reservation planned for Saturday night. I was so excited to get out of the house and go on a date-night with my hubby, but then I thought about how NOT cute Ugg boots would look at a fancy restaurant. This snow is stopping us from going out and having a good time and it just needs to stop (LOL). I mean come on, I have so many shoes that I want to be wearing right about now, but this slush just isn't allowing me to do so.

Hurry up, Spring- please and thank you!