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Ten Tips on Organizing a Small Space

Happy Friday, lovelies! As most of you might know, I am living in a small townhouse right now while we are searching for our family home. We have now been searching for a house for about 4 months now and man is it stressful! I moved into my husbands townhouse when we got married and as a girl moving in with LOTS of stuff we had to get creative. Right now we have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, however, technically we only have one bedroom now because we had to turn the guest room into a cloffice (laughing emoji). We are busting at the seems at our place, but we are making it work and I have learned to get creative when it comes to organization. If you know me, I like everything very neat, clean and organized so it was kind of fun figuring out a home for everything when I moved in. I thought that I would share my tips and what has helped me when living that townhouse life.

1. PURGE! Right before I got married and moved out of my parents house, I went through EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. It was helpful to go through my whole closet and get rid of things that I hadn't worn since high school. I was able to give a lot of clothes away to my little sister, friends and then donate the rest. This really helped with not taking unwanted items that would've just ended up cluttering up my closet.

2. MAKE YOUR THINGS VISIBLE! I don't know about you, but when I cant see something, I forget about it. When it comes to small spaces this can happen more times than not. I found it helpful to display everything that I know I would wear regularly.

3. PUT HOOKS BEHIND DOORS. Every door in the guest room now cloffice has hooks behind the door. I have found this really helpful to hang light coats, bags and scarfs on.

4. BASKETS AND BINS WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. I have a lot of sweatshirts and sweat pants that I barely wear, but like to keep for cozy days. However, I didn't want them to take up too much space so I bought a ton of bins from the Container Store and store them all in one place. I also have a lot of gym shoes that I piled up in a basket. I also lined the top of my closet with baskets for things that just couldn't find a home or that I barely ever use.

5. TARGET'S 6-CUBE ORGANIZER. These were game changers. I have a bit of a blue jean addiction so I wanted a place to showcase them. I organized all my jeans that are similar to one another so that I know what to find when I'm getting dressed.

6. CLEAR ORGANIZATION. One of my favorite things that I have bought for organization is the GLAMbox because I can see all my makeup and know exactly where everything is at all times. I am all about lucite and love everything that you can see right through.

7. STORE SHOES ELSEWHERE. Shoes can take up a lot of space and if you know me (or my mom) at all, we really LOVE our shoes. When I first moved in, I wanted all my shoes in my closet and in one place, but after putting everything in, I realized that just wasn't going to happen. I decided that all my nice shoes could stay in on display so that I know they're there, but everything else could go in the basement. I bought shoe racks off Amazon and put all the shoes that I barely where on the racks in the basement. They are still easily accessible if I need them at any point.

8. FOR EVERY ITEM YOU BUY, DONATE ONE THING. This has been a rule that I just implemented in 2018 because I truly don't need anything else. I am also going to start going through my closet twice a year and donating everything that has been sitting or not worn in the last six months.

9. MIRRORS ARE EVERYTHING. Having mirrors in small spaces can open your space up to feel a lot bigger than it is.

10. JUST HAVE FUN! Organization can be stressful, but I can honestly say I have had fun getting creative in my small space and I know you will too. Although I am SO excited to get into our new home and have more space, I will definitely miss my small little space that I made function so well.

Hope this helps you all and I would love to hear your tips and tricks too.