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Holidays Together: a q&a about how we spend Christmas together

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For our first married Christmas, what are you looking forward to the most?

Dean: Spending time together and participating in day of traditions that we have had to schedule on different days in the past since our families are in different states.

Paige: I am looking forward to waking up with him and sharing my family's traditions that are so special to me. I am truly just excited to be together on the actual day since this will be a first for us.

Do you remember what you first gifted each other?

Dean: I gave her a Kate Spade zip around wallet and I didn't think she liked it very much (laughing emoji).

Paige: I am usually pretty good about remembering what I gave people, but this I can't remember.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition that you are excited to incorporate into your marriage?

Dean: My family didn't do many traditions on Christmas that were unique so I'm excited for Paige's.

Paige: My family has SO many Christmas traditions and I am SO excited to show them all to Dean and incorporate them into our marriage and family someday. My all-time favorite tradition is our Christmas pajamas. Every year, my dad picks out the pajamas for all us girls and we get to open them after our Christmas Eve dinner. We all open them together and then immediately go put them on and snuggle up to read the Polar Express. A couple more of my favorite traditions (there are so many) are hosting Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house, waking up SUPER early still on Christmas morning to open presents, stockings (my parents seriously give the best stockings year after year), staying in our Christmas pajamas all day on Christmas day, opening presents, watching movies and ordering Chinese food.

Who is better at buying the gifts?

Dean: Paige. I am much easier to buy for and she loves shopping for other people.

Paige: Me 100000000000%. Although Dean has always been so thoughtful when it comes to giving me gifts.

What do you usually eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Dean: This year will be different for me, but my family usually orders pizza on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we have a nice home-cooked meal by my aunt.

Paige: For as long as I can remember we have had a Swedish dinner on Christmas Eve, which consists of rice pudding, Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, green beans and the list goes on. Christmas Eve dinner is my absolute favorite and we all make sure to save room for my moms famous bread pudding for dessert. Then on Christmas Eve we order Chinese food!