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Wedding Wednesday: How He Proposed

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am excited to share that ALL my wedding photos are in and I am going to take you back to this past year of the wedding festivities for Dean and I every Wednesday till you've seen it all. I truly can't believe that it's over and sharing all my wedding festivities with you all will be a fun way to relive this amazing past year!

Okay, okay, now onto how he asked. Just to worn you, this post is going to be LONGGG. So it all started Labor Day weekend when my family told me that we were going to drive to Chicago to celebrate my dads birthday and of course Dean would come with. This is not abnormal of my family to go to Chicago for birthdays since we love the city so much. My sister played college soccer at the time and had a game that Sunday of Labor Day weekend so we had all planned to go to Chicago after her game and stay till Monday. Dean had called me and said why don't we head to Chicago on Friday and spend the weekend there and then your family will meet us. Of course I said yes, because if you know me I love spending time in the city. My family had mentioned that we were going to all stay at The Peninsula so Dean and I just checked-in a few days earlier than everyone. It was just your normal weekend in Chicago, but looking back now it was DEFF NOT NORMAL #Clueless. We went to some nice dinners, had tea at The Peninsula and shopped around. While we were shopping around my mom called me and said "you're never going to believe this, but I got us into RPM Steak for dads birthday and they said that Guilana and Bill Rancic were hosting an event that night there so you have to look cute." Of course I panicked because all I had brought to wear was jeans and heels and if I was going to have the slightest chance of meeting the Rancics, you know I was going to be looking good HAHA. So I turned to Dean and was so excited and said well now we are on the hunt for an outfit. Meanwhile this was all part of the plan to get me ready for the proposal because sweet Dean knew I would want to be in something that I loved. We went into my favorite store, Intermix, and I found this cute polka dot dress and was in the dressing room trying it on when Dean came in and said he'd found a white dress on the sale rack that he loved and that I should try it on. I said no because I loved the other and he quickly responded with "babe it's the last weekend to wear white (after labor day is a no no), ill buy it for you" (smart man). We left the store with the white dress!

My mom then called again and said she was getting her hair done before the soccer game and that I should get mine done in Chicago for the dinner (she knows I love a good blow out). I ended up booking an appointment at The Waldorf and was off to get my hair did. Dean stayed back at the hotel and my parents were texting me nonstop that my sisters game went into overtime and that they were going to be really late and that Dean and I should just go to dinner alone and they will meet us after. Looking back, weird weird weird, but I had no clue.

Fast forward to my hair being done. I come down the elevator and who do I run into?! MY FAMILY! Remember, they just told me they weren't in Chicago yet, and we were staying at The Peninsula so why were they at The Waldorf? They panicked and said they wanted to surprise me and I was SO confused, but still had NO idea. I then asked them why they were staying there and not The Peninsula and they said it was sold out (strange). The plan was then ruined since I saw them so my mom was apparently calling Dean to make a plan B. They had to come up with something else in order for Dean and I just to go to dinner alone, but now that I knew they were in the city I wasn't going to go to dinner without them. My mom called me when I was walking back to my hotel and told me they needed time to get ready and they would meet us at The Peninsula and we would walk over to dinner together, but never gave me the reservation time. Dean and I now couldn't go to dinner because it would be weird if we went without them, but we were ready for the night so Dean took me to one of our favorite bars and we sat there for a good 2 hours. During that time I was getting hangry and pissed off that my parents were taking so long to get ready. I was also wearing that dress that we had bought and it was sleeveless and I was freezing at the bar. Dean wouldn't give me his sport coat which was not like him- little did I know that the ring was in his coat jacket!

My parents FINALLY called us and said they were ready. They said they would meet us in the lobby of The Peninsula so Dean and I walked back and ended up in the lobby where my family was nowhere to be found. He looked at me and said "why don't we go check out the terrace while we wait, I heard its beautiful." I said sure and we walked down the gorgeous staircase and right then and there Dean started shaking and I knew something was going on, but still didn't know what. We walked out onto the terrace and there were lots of candles and I saw the gorgeous backdrop he had designed and I just broke down crying. I looked back at him and he was on one knee and flash, there was a photographer capturing one of the most amazing nights of my life (the wedding has since topped that obviously).

Dean literally thought of EVERYTHING that night and had both our families waiting in the restaurant and they then came out after he proposed and we all had dinner and drinks under the stars on the terrace with the most beautiful backdrop I've ever seen in my life. It was absolutely perfect and so Dean did such an amazing job planning such a romantic and beautiful evening- one all of us will remember forever.

And there you have it. September 4th, 2016 I SAID YES.