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Fitness Fridays

Before I got married in September, I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle and really focus on exercising and eating healthy. Not that I hadn't worked out in the past, but this time I was going to do it differently. I thought that it would be helpful to share some of my tips and tricks that have helped me tremendously over the past twelve months.

Exercising on a consistent basis has completely changed me for the better, during this transformation I have noticed benefits that go far beyond aesthetics. Not only do I feel better about my appearance, but I feel so much better inside. Prior to my lifestyle change, I was constantly fatigued and had little energy. Working out has and continues to help so much with stress management and mood elevation. I really enjoyed the wedding planning process, but of course it was stressful at times and I am thankful that I found a new passion to help me through.

Today is all about ACCOUNTABILITY. Your dreams and goals should not be kept a secret! Writing them down can help in a couple of ways. The transcription process allows you to feel a stronger connection to your goals, makes them feel more obtainable and provides another level of personal accountability to achieve! Talking about your goals for many to hear reminds you that you should welcome people into your personal journey because they too can help. You shouldn't have to be alone throughout this process and that's why I was so happy that I had my husband, family and trainer to confide in about everything I was trying to achieve. And it's those people that helped push me far more than I ever could've pushed myself.

Check back every Friday for more tips and tricks on how to stay active, especially with the winter months approaching.